U.S. Secret Service Warns Credit Card Stealing Malware Possibly Affects Over 1,000 Businesses


The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Council issued a document relating to credit card stealing malware.  The document states that the United States Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement that over 1,000 business could have been affected by malware called “Backoff”.  This malware is typically installed on POS (Point of Sale) systems which are the same systems that you use to swipe your credit card at stores for purchases.  Major breaches are now happening almost weekly (or more often).  The last couple weeks UPS, Dairy Queen, JP Morgan / Chase.  These 1,000 businesses that the US Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security issued the warning about are most likely businesses that you shop at.  This past June, we wrote an article on how to protect yourself as much as possible on breaches like this.

It is important to know how to protect yourself and minimize the risk of you becoming a victim.  Our Cove based CYBER PROTECTION GROUP has written techniques to take the steps do protect yourself.

Below is a link to the article that Cyber Protection Group wrote in June.  With the regularity that breaches are happening, we thought it was important to share this information again.  Keep in mind all of the breaches that have happened just since then.

Click here for the article written by Cyber Protection Group on how to protect yourself.

If you have a business and take credit cards, your business is at risk.  Are you taking all the steps to protect your business?  Your antivirus will NOT protect you from most credit card breaches.

Picture from smemon on Flickr via ccl 2.0

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